Image not uploading in Simple Pages


I've tried to insert an image into a simple page using the built in image uploader, as well as manually entering in html code.

The image appears properly directly after I insert it, however once I press save, the image does not show up on the public page, and when I go back to the dashboard to edit the page, the image and the code are missing.

I have gone through these exact steps for an exhibit, and the picture displays without any problems. This only seems to happen when I attempt to insert an image on a simple page.

Is there a step I'm missing? Are images not supported on simple pages?


Images are supported on Simple Pages.

Are you linking directly to the image file? If you're not pointing directly to the file, the image will not display on that page.

By any chance have the security settings been changed recently, so that the "Enable HTML Filtering" box is checked?

If that isn't the issue, can you share which version of Omeka and the version of the Simple Pages plugin you're using?

I actually did the opposite, unchecked the "enable html filtering" box in the settings and it worked. Seemed counter intuitive to me but couldn't figure out what else it could be!

I didn't think that it would have had anything to do with the settings as it had worked minutes before on the exhibit page, and I was the only person working on it.

Thanks for bringing that setting to my attention however!

Ah yes, that was a typo on my part. Glad you figured it out.