image metadata mapping plugin

Is there anyone working on the plugin which would map the metadata extracted from image to the item metadata field? We really need this function as we have huge number of images and we don't want to re-enter the metadata to the items. If no one is working on it we would like to write something and contribute. But is it possible to get some helps from you guys?

There's a distinction made between item and files in Omeka, so this is a less-than-ideal approach to solving the solution. Items can have multiple files, and both items & their associated files have Dublin Core metadata. Conflating them sort of defeats the purpose of this, and makes it impossible to have multiple files associated with an item. For example, an item may be an artifact, and there are several photos (or videos, & other digital content) that are associated w/ that as files.

In the upcoming version of Omeka, there are helper functions that allow you to easily display file metadata which sounds like what you're looking for. Meaning, it'll increasingly be easy to access that data in a theme for whatever purposes.

Does that answer your question?

I can understand what you are concerned. But if user choose to batch import a large number of images, it would be quite inconvenient for them to enter the items and link those items one by one to the images. Would it be good that the system can provide the functions that users can choose to create items automatically when they batch import files and they can choose which files metadata can be mapped to which item metadata before the import?

About the upcoming version you mentioned, will the file metadata be searchable? And do you have some idea about when the next version will be published?



An alpha version of Omeka 1.0 (which includes the aforementioned file metadata helper) is about to be released.

Yes, it'd be possible to modify the Dropbox plugin to do such mapping, although I'm still unsure how common of a request this is. With that said, we could get into the particulars of the code on the dev list.

I'll have to get back to you on whether or not the file metadata is searchable -- it's Dublin Core and stored in the same database table as DC item metadata.