image metadata extraction


I have searched the forums for information on EXIF and IPTC data in Omeka. From the posts that I have seen, I understand that Omeka has the capability to extract this metadata from files that are uploaded.

In which table(s) is this data stored?

Does the Geolocation plugin use this data or must all geolocation data be entered manually into the item record.

I hope this makes sense and that I have not missed something obvious.

Thank you.

Hi Beth,

The quick answer is that Omeka, out of the box, cannot apply data encoded from the image to the geolocation plugin. You have to enter geolocation data by hand.

It does seem possible that a plugin could be written to make that happen, but it is not something that we have plans to build at this time.

Thanks, Sheila.

I'm also interested in having Omeka extract the IPTC and EXIF metadata from my image files. Is there a way to do this?


I just asked a similar question in regards to EXIF data at

This might help:

I saw a mod on the Google groups site from 2008 that allowed for the import of IPTC data to OMEKA but has that been implemented in the plugin?

Omeka extracts (or at least attempts to extract) IPTC data from images, and saves that data in the File record.

You can see the File record and its metadata by clicking the link in the sidebar of the associated Item.