image magnification

Hi all -

I'm curious if anyone has successfully implemented a zoomify-esque interface in Omeka.

I've found a Javascript viewer that I'm pleased with ( here: ), and while I've been able to embed the viewer itself in items/show.php (themes/theme-name/items/show.php), I can't seem to get the javascript links to work properly.

While there are some definite pros to using the gmapviewer above, I'm not completely wed to the idea. Has anyone successfully implemented Djatoka or something similar? If so, would you mind sharing your thoughts?

Particularly in regards to: setting up the image-server outside of Omeka seems to (relatively) straightforward; how are you linking the image-server and Omeka?

Thanks & cheers!

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by " I can't seem to get the javascript links to work properly." Could you send a link to your items/show page?

Hi Ken -

here's a link:

My apologies - I meant the Javascript doesn't seem to load the gmapviewer control images; it also fails to load the image. There seems to be some level of communication happening between the show.php file and the Javascript files, as the "Data not available" error message in the viewer window is the applicable error message from the gmapviewer.js.

Also, please excuse the incompleteness of the page - this is just a test for raw functionality.

I've found a blogpost that suggests putting the Javascript files in themes/themename/common/. I'll refrain from making changes to this Omeka test instance for the time being.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Bridger,

Unfortunately we can't spend much time supporting or debugging third-party tools like this viewer.

That said, one way you can figure out what the problem might be is to use some kind of developer console to debug scripts. Chrome and Safari each have one built in; There are several addons for Firefox, such as Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug, that are useful for debugging many issues encountered in web development, including JavaScript errors.

Looking at your page using Chrome's JavaScript Console, I see you have one error:

Object #<a GMapViewer> has no method 'setCopyrigh'

I suspect this is a spelling error, and the method should be setCopyright. If you change this in your load() function, it may help. At the very least, it may prevent this specific error from occurring.

Good luck!

Hi Jeremy -
thanks for the reply! My apologies for the poor communication - as useful as forums and lists are, I'm still very far from being able to effectively relay questions! I'm more interested in learning if any other Omeka community members have successfully implemented a zoomify/magnification interface than bugging the core Omeka developers for 3rd party tools support! Please excuse my oversight.

Also, thanks for pointing out the spelling error!

Another question:
I have a generic Javascript that needs to use a URL that sits outside of Omeka. Do I need to do anything specific with Omeka to pass that URL through the page?


The Url.php file (application/helpers/Url.php) is used for building internal Omeka URLs, correct? I shouldn't need to use it to point to an external URL, should I?

You've got it.

The url() helper is only used for creating links to other pages within Omeka.

For any other URL that you already know, you can just use it as-is, there's no need to pass it through any function.