Image Files Not Displaying (neither in Item Pages nor Exhibits)

Hello all,

I have been uploading items to my omeka site and for some reason, any time I visit the item's public page or try to insert it into an exhibit, all that displays is a grey thumbnail with the image of a page. When I click on this thumbnail, I am linked to a window displaying only that image in its full size.

Does anyone know if there is a setting that will let thumbnails to appear? I am operating using the Thanks Roy theme.

Thank you!

This sounds like there might be a problem with Omeka generating derivative images for the thumbnails.

When you look at the list of items, or at an individual item, in the admin side, does a thumbnail show up, or is it the same page thumbnail?

If it's the same page thumbnail, try going to the General Settings on the admin side, and scroll down to the "Image Magick Path" and hit the Test button to see if Omeka sees the application it needs to make derivative images.

Thanks for the swift reply!

I had poked around and realized it was probably an Image Magick issue, but for some reason, even though "/usr/bin" tests out (it says "The ImageMagick directory path works" below the text box provided), the images aren't being generated.

Any suggested alternate paths?

Not sure...usually that's the issue.

Just to double check something--do the thumbnails appear ok on the admin side, but not on the public side?

Unfortunately they're not showing up on the admin side either.

Well, at least it is being consistent!

It could be the you're getting a false positive with the test. In that case, it might be worth asking your sysadmin or hosting company what the path to ImageMagick should be on your server.

I'm encountering this very problem (ImageMagick path is recognized as OK by Omeka) but no thumb nails are getting created for my image files (either via the public or admin interface). I have the correct path to ImageMagick (have installed it on my own server and have confirmed the path). Any one encounter this problem who has solved it since the this thread was started?

You might try turning on error messages, and logging errors, to see if any additional info comes through to help diagnose this.

Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled and then reinstalled ImageMagick (via port [my dev server is running on a Mac]). Now when I add new image files the thumbnails get created.

I was facing similar issues with thumbnails not populating and was not sure how to reinstall Imagemagick or if it was necessary--however, after reading:

and examining the config.ini file mentioned in this post i noticed that there was a semicolon (;) infront of the fileDerivatives.strategy line. When I removed it, thumbnails were correctly generated when I uploaded images.