Image Does Not Display in Item Record


I'm trying to mod the Dark theme so that the image displays in the item record. I looked in item/show.php and it looks correct...

<?php if (item_has_thumbnail()): ?>
<div class="item-image">
<?php echo display_files_for_item(array('imageSize'=>'fullsize')); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Can someone tell me what the problem is? I'm stumped.

Upon further review, some of my images DO display in the item record, while others DO NOT.

The only thing I can think of is some variable in how they were uploaded and processed by users (undergrad students). I will poke around some more but any tips would be welcome.

Thanks - Erin B.

Erin, are these all the same filetype? Glancing at your code, it looks fine, but it's also require that thumbnails exist before displaying the fullsize images. Does this work on the admin panel?

Thanks for the reply Dave.

The items are all JPEGS.

I think the problem originates either in the way the images were processed and uploaded by students, or perhaps in some error with ImageMagick.

Although all the images do have two types of thumbs, some simply do not display in the item record.

They do, however, display in MyOmeka posters and collections without problem for some reason.