Image Annotation

Are there any plans for updating the Image Annotation plugin to function with newer versions of Omeka? Or could someone point me in the right direction on what would need to be updated and I'll play around with the code myself? I'm just not aware of the changes that were made from version to version.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I'm looking for this too—a version of the Image Annotation plugin that works with the latest version of Omeka. I don't see the plugin listed anymore under the list of add-ons.

There aren't any plans here at RRCHNM to work on updating it. A rough guide to the kinds of work that would be required is here.

Actually, an update of the image annotation plugin is on the deliverable list for one of our current grants. I can't say exactly where it falls in the timeline, but it'll likely be on closer side given the complexity of the other work.

Ah, thanks for the correction, Sharon.

That is exciting news! I (and lots of others like me) will keep my fingers crossed that it comes together in the near future. Keep us posted!