image annotation plugin


Another question about a plugin that I just downloaded.

I have installed the Image Annotation plugin. It works from the admin side, but on the public page, I get a thumbnail, but no annotation box. There is just a long gray box with a line across the top. (Let me know if you would like to see an example.)

Also, on the admin side, there are both a thumbnail and a very large size image. Should the large image appear here?

Thank you!

Yes the large image should appear on the admin page.

If you could send a link, that would be great.

I just installed ImageAnnotation on Omeka 1.1, and added an annotation using the admin user. I then added the following code to my item/show page in my theme:

echo image_annotation_display_annotated_image_gallery_for_item();

Then I logged out and went to the item show page for the item with annotation, and was able to see the annotation.

How are you using the plugin?


I should have mentioned that I did add that piece of code to items.php.

Here is a link to a record to which I added an image notation.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, here is the link:


I tried going to the link but it did not work.


I'm sorry about that bad link. I think this one will work:

Thank you for any help you can provide.

I didn't see any javascript errors, other than the Google API Key popup. You might want to fix that first. If that doesn't work, I review the CSS to see if there are any properties messing with it.

I am not getting the Google API Key popup. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Geolocation plugin. Do I need to create a new key?


Hi Beth,
Looks like you need a new Google Maps key. I noticed that the base URLs you sent above are different, and Google Maps requires a new key for each site. We had to do this when we pointed a site that we have been developing to its permanent URL. Luckily, it only takes two minutes to acquire, and then you paste it into the plugin's configuration from the settings page (not from a popup).


Right. Got it!