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Can anyone help me how to resolved the problem regarding image view in image annotation. The example of the problem through the link

Thank you.

Muizzudin Kaspol

Try adding the following code to your theme's common/header.php (copy it from application/views/scripts if you don't have one):

queue_css('jquery-ui', 'screen');

Make sure you place it above the call to display_css(). (All this assumes you're using Omeka 1.3 or higher.)

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your kindly help.

I've tried to add the following code in the common/header.php, but it seems like nothing happen.

I would like to clarify here. It seems like image annotation work perfectly if single image uploaded in single item. Example:

The error occurred when I'm try to upload multiple images in single item. Example:

I hope you can help me to settle this problem.

Thank you.

Muizzudin Kaspol

Looking at your site, it doesn't appear that you have put that css line in there, or you put it in a place where it isn't affecting the page.

Could you post your common/header.php file with your change? (Judging by your theme, the file should be located at themes/rhythm/common/header.php).

I have the same problem.

The plugin works when the item has a single image, but when there is more than one it replicates the first image.

I already tried the solution proposed here but has no effect.

I think the problem is the Javascript code or the version of jQuery, but I dont know what to do.

Thanks for the help

Does the annotation gallery work correctly on the admin-side items/show pages?

No. The Gallery doesnt work in any side.

No he podido solucionar el problema aún, pero hice un pequeño ajuste en el archivo plugin.php para poder utilizar el Plugin mientras se encuentra una solución completa.

Copio el código acá por si a alguien le sirve como opción parcial.

Utilizo $_GET para pasar los datos de la imagen que quiero anotar, así creo un vínculo en el thumnail para recargar la página con la imagen con el Id solicitado.

function image_annotation_display_annotated_image_gallery_for_item($item=null, $isEditable=true)
    if ($item == null) {
        $item = get_current_item();

    if (!$item->hasThumbnail()) {
        return '';

    $html = '';
	$html .= '<div class="annotated-images" id="annotated-images-' . $item->id . '">';
	$html .= '<ul class="annotated-images-thumbs" id="annotated-images-thumbs-' . $item->id . '">';

	while(loop_files_for_item($item)) {

        $file = get_current_file();
        if ($file->hasThumbnail()) {
			//Link a file Id
			$html .= '<li><a href="?fileid='.$file->id.'#annotated-images-file-'.$file->id.'">';
			//$html .= '<li><a href="#annotated-images-file-'.$file->id.'">';
			$html .= display_file($file, array('imageSize' => 'square_thumbnail', 'linkToFile' => false));
			$html .= '</a></li>';
	$html .= '</ul>';
	$html .= '<div class="annotated-images-fullsize" id="annotated-images-fullsize-' . $item->id . '">';

	//Get a file Id data

	while(loop_files_for_item($item)) {

        $file = get_current_file();

		//If fileid is null print first image
		if ($fileid==NULL) {
		//Print the file choise
        if ($file->hasThumbnail()&&$file->id==$fileid) {
			$html .= '<div class="annotated-images-file" id="annotated-images-file-' . $file->id .'">';
            $html .= image_annotation_display_annotated_image($file, $isEditable);
			$html .= '</div>';
	$html .= '</div>';
	$html .= '</div>';