Image Annotation Identification

Currently annotation boxes appear when you mouse over an image that has been annotated. However, most of our images are currently not annotated. Is there a way to identify when an item's image has annotations? Something like:

<?php if (item_has_annotation()): ?>
<p>This item's image has been annotated</p>
<?php endif;?>

Actually instead of the above feature, is there a way to just make the annotation boxes appear when the page loads instead of when hovering over the image with the mouse? I've been trying to edit the jquery.annotate file, but I'm not sure what needs to be changed.

I figured out what needed to be changed to make the annotation boxes always visible instead of dependent on mousing over the image. In the jquery.annotate file I changed all of the instances of ('.image-annotate-view').hide() to ('.image-annotate-view').show(). I also changed the image-annotation.css information for .image-annotate-view from display:none to display:block.