Image Annotation Can Be Deleted by Anyone

Even if I’m not logged into the admin mode of Omeka, when I click on an annotation box it brings up the text box for editing the annotation with the OK, Delete, and Cancel buttons. If I click the delete button the annotation is removed. Is there a way to disable these features for public users? It would be best if they couldn’t click on the annotation box at all.

I’ve tried changing the following in plugin.php:

function image_annotation_display_annotated_image_gallery_for_item($item=null, $isEditable=true)


function image_annotation_display_annotated_image_gallery_for_item($item=null, $isEditable=false)

But that disables all ability to edit the notes from both the public and admin side. Basically, I'm trying to get the same functionality as the Sao Tome Map Project

Are you actually logging out of the admin interface, or are you just going to the public side of the site?

If you don't click "Logout" on the admin side, you're still logged in, even when you're looking at the public side of the site.

Not logged in at all. If I try to edit an annotation I get a message saying, "An error occured saving that note." However, there's no problem deleting an annotation when I'm not logged into the admin of Omeka.

The current version of ImageAnnotation has a bug with permissions checking for the "anyone" group of users.

This bug is fixed in the development version of the plugin.

So I should use version 1.0-1.0beta?

This bug has been fixed in 1.3-1.0.1, which is now available for download.

Awesome. After a few tweaks, this should look like I had it in version 1.3-1.0, but public users won't be able to delete annotations. Thanks!