image alignment in EB 3.0

I'm in the midst of updating existing pages to Exhibit Builder 3.0. While I'm pretty happy with the new modular block system, I'm disappointed that I can only align images left or right, not centered. Is this something that I can add back in easily, or that will be added in a forthcoming update?

I'm curious - which blocks did you want a centered image for?

Primarily for the image-with-text block. (Or a solo image block, if it was an option.)

The existing layout for the exhibit pages contains a centered feature image with a text block beneath it to recreate the layout of pages in a 19th century almanac. (e.g.:

I'm not particularly concerned with the previous-next thumbnails, but I would like the featured image to be more prominent and separated from the text block.

I do realize that I could achieve the desired result by manually embedding the images into text blocks and centering them in the paragraph attributes, but that's kind of a lot of work, especially if I still want them to link to their respective item pages (which I do).

The page you link to almost looks like the gallery block, three images across, featured image center.

It is possible to build new blocks for Exhibit Builder - do you have someone on the project who can do php/css/html?

Unfortunately, it's just me. I'm not great at CSS or trained in PHP at all.

Getting the 1.0 version of that layout assembled was somewhat difficult for me and required a fair bit of handholding from the lovely forum mods.

This is by no means a make-or-break feature. I was just hoping for an easy solution, which I know doesn't always exist in open source products.

Thank you for the link, though. I might take a stab at building a new block for this once I have the rest of our exhibits reformatted for 3.0 and can take more time to poke at it.

Speaking from experience, trying to modify an existing thing can be a good way to learn something new. Good luck!

If it helps, I have a few custom layouts you can look at on Github.

With the NAL Image Gallery layout, a single item will be centered and you can choose to have it take up 50%, 75%, or 90% of the div's width.

You could also make it split on three images, rather than four, by changing the 4 to a 3 on line 79 of this file. You could then use the CSS :nth-child property to make the second image larger than the first or third.