I'm using Omeka to Organize Art for a Show in May 2014

I hope I'm posting in the right spot - just to share how Omeka is being used…
As a Dreamhost client for ages I set up the domain http://ArtRocksAthens.com
for a retrospective art exhibit that will open in Athens GA at galleries in May 2014.
For the last year we have been gathering art - as web mistress I built out front end easily. I had to learn a few new tricks to allow our curators to access the images to select what will hang in our show.
I'd never built a database before. After doing much research my first choice was Collective Access. But the front end of that software was WAY to complicated. I found Omeka 1.5.3 available as a one-click install at Dreamhost. I'm SO grateful I did!
After setting up a subdomain for it to inhabit, it installed without a hitch. Getting the Dropbox plugin to do its thing was a hassle at first - but I ironed out that wrinkle.
Our Omeka is not being used to share with the public at all. I opted for the 'Encoded Curtain' theme which I tweaked to match the look of the artrocksathens.com site. The Contribute plug in is front and center to gather more images.
The curators are granted access to the admin end of things so they can make collections to organize what art will be requested to hang in the galleries.
So far so good. Omeka is perfect for organizing all the various items for our archive. I didn't have to set up the interface by concocting an XML file. The SimpleVoCab plugin handled the heavy lifting there.
I can't tell you how much prowling these forums, etc I did before deciding to invest time archiving our image files & their metadata using Omeka…
but I made the right choice & am eternally grateful for this awesome tool.
Thank You!

Really glad to hear that you are happy with your Omeka-based site. And thanks for posting your use case!

My pleasure!