Identify item uploader

Is it possible to determine which user uploaded an item? I am working with a professor (a Super Admin) who is having her students each upload 6 items. Each student has an account with Contributor permissions. How can she tell which students uploaded which items?

Similarly, is there a way to tell which student created which exhibit?

The Item History Log plugin might do what you need. I don't remember if it covers exhibits.

For a general approach, items, collections, and exhibits all record an owner_id in their tables, though we really don't do much with that data. It's there, though, so another plugin could work with it directly as needed if Item History Log doesn't quite do the trick.

Hi Zach,

For the items, the easiest thing to do is to use the advanced search to search by user and then you can get all of the items that that person has created.

Unfortunately, the advanced search form doesn't cover the exhibits.


Great, thank you both!