ID# Revert After CSV Undo Upload

I recently had to undo a CSV upload to re-map some of the fields. When I uploaded it again, the item ID#'s were several hundred ahead as if the old items had not been deleted. There are no item entries, the ID#'s just start at 705 instead of 1. How do I get them to start at the beginning?

Undoing a CsvImport deletes the imported items. In Omeka, the item ids are automatically incremented whenever you add a new item (this is normal for primary keys in a database). So when you import the items again, it adds new items, so it starts with new item ids. This has archival advantages because it means that if someone linked to item that was deleted, it would not link to the wrong item.

If you are really concerned about the item ids beginning at 1, you can always drop all the tables in your database and then return to your home page to reinstall Omeka.

Let me know if this helps.

This definitely helps. I am just now starting to use Omeka, so presumably no one has tried to link to any of the items. Perhaps reinstalling is the best bet.