Icons not displaying in dashboard of site

Hi there,

Using Omeka 2.3, complete with Neatline. In both Omeka and in Neatline all icons display the properly-sized box, but not the label/icon. Any ideas what line of code and in what subfolder is corrupted?

As an example, consult http://digitalsandbox3.artinterp.org/omeka/
(although the public-facing side is fine).

Thanks in advance.

Quint Gregory

To give a good visual example of the problem, by way of visual comparison, consider this screenshot of a site where the interface does not properly display all buttons and navigation items https://arthistory.umd.edu/media/2486 as compared to what one would expect in a site with a normal appearance https://arthistory.umd.edu/media/2481

I just know that there is one line, somewhere, where I need to change a value.

By the way, the respective sites are:




Any guidance one can offer would be most appreciated!

All best
Quint Gregory

Hi Quint Gregory, if you open the Chrome Developer Tools while viewing one of the pages that is not appearing correctly, are there any errors appearing in the 'Console' tab?

When I do so on this page - http://digitalsandbox3.artinterp.org/omeka/ - I do see some errors related to icon fonts. I've pasted them below. If those are there on your malfunctioning pages, it might give us a clue moving forward.

Failed to decode downloaded font: http://digitalsandbox3.artinterp.org/omeka/application/views/scripts/css/iconfonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=4.0.3

OTS parsing error: incorrect file size in WOFF header

Failed to decode downloaded font: http://digitalsandbox3.artinterp.org/omeka/application/views/scripts/css/iconfonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf?v=4.0.3

OTS parsing error: hhea: invalid table offset