HTML5 Compatibility


I just have a few general questions regarding the compatibility of Omeka with HTML5. I did not find answers readily available in the forums or on the website, though I may be missing some things. (I'm a beginner with web technologies and this may show in my questions.)

Is the Omeka platform HTML5 compatible?

Are there any considerations which may need to be made for using HTML5 elements such as <video>, <canvas>, and <audio>?

Is this implemented at the theme level, or something which is/would be incorporated into the Omeka platform itself?

Thank you for your time,

I'm pretty sure that HTML5 stuff would be almost entirely at the theme level. The only exception I can imagine is _maybe_ some of the helper functions in core might need adjusting to make use of some of the new elements. I don't know of any special considerations that might need to happen for those media tags off the top of my head.

The other consideration will be plugins that add content to pages, but that would be up to the plugin maintainer. For the plugins that come bundled with Omeka, we haven't yet looked at what, if any, changes would be needed to use HTML5.


While working through another issue, I noticed that for the theming functions we should make some adjustments to the Omeka core. It looks like there's a helper function, display_files(), that might work better if we changed some core stuff to have an option to output for HTML5 vs non-HTML5 for theming.

I've put in an issue for us to address.

Thanks for bringing this up!