html5 audio tag wierdness

I'm finding html rejects the html5 audio tag unless it includes the src="xxxx" parameter. This is strange since I'd like to include my source file location within javascript so I can programmatically access it. In fact ideally i'd like to include everything within javascript so I can programmatically choose what to show and when but I haven't been able to get that to work yet. Seems like it just wants some kind of html tag in order to function.
I have the the html5 plugin enabled, and I tried to add an audio attribute and element to HTML filtering, and also have my mime types all set, but no joy.

Ex. try this...then save, open the html editor and see only demo2 survives.

<audio id="demo"></audio>
<audio id="demo2" src = "song.mp3"></audio>

It doesn't seem to be as picky about other parameters such as width, height etc.


Where are you putting these tags?

The HTML5 Media plugin is all about having Omeka automatically create HTML5 audio/video tags for supported formats. It doesn't have anything to do with any tags you might be adding yourself elsewhere.

ex. SimplePages, Edit, Text, choose html

another ex. Items, Edit, Item Type Metadata, then any field with html

I didn't understand the part about " Omeka automatically create HTML5 audio/video tags".