HTML Filtering Issues

I am using the latest version of Omeka and have included the img element in the list of allowed HTML elements and the src and alt attributes. However, Omeka still seems to be filtering these attributes and elements. I am using the HTML editor button. The only way around this seems to be unchecking HTML filtering, putting the full img tag in with the src and alt attributes like
<img src="" alt="imagedescription" >
After the code is in, I check the filter in the HTML settings again and the tag and attributes are not filtered and remain on the public page and in the HTML editor.
Any explanations?

List of Allowed HTML elements

List of HTML attributes

Does changing those last ones in the attributes list to the following help?



using img.src,img.alt,img.width,img.height at the end of my list of attributes worked! Any explanation for this?


The attributes apply to specific tags, so my version is saying to allow those attributes specifically for the img tag.

Allowing attributes across different tags requires the * wildcard (see the style and class attrs at the front of that list).