Html editing?

When you create a new exhibit how do you change the default background? I have added an image easily enough but can`t get this usually simple bit of code to work?

<body bgcolor="#867460">

Any thoughts on this?

Where did you enter the bgcolor tag? Did you click the HTML box in the exhibit layouts and add it there?

You do have the option of switching themes for each exhibit you build so that there is some variety in colors available in the exhibit builder panel. If you are interested in changing the background color of all exhibit pages for exhibits using a particular theme, you can edit the CSS file found in the theme's directory.

Yes I clicked the HTML editor and popped the code in there, but it does not save it? This is not the actual exhibit I am editing is it? It is the page which leads to the exhibit. Do all pages on site have to have the same basic color layout?

The HTML editor is for the text box and allows you to control the format and presentation of the text you enter only. You cannot control the page's colors or other styles through the HTML text editor.

In Omeka, there are themes (available in the themes directory and accessible through the Settings panel in admin: that control the layout, color scheme, and overall look and feel of a website. Themes offer visual consistency for public users as they explore a website so that all of the pages look like they belong together.

The exhibit builder allows you to choose a different look and feel for each exhibit
( Each exhibit then can have its own color and layout if you choose.

I suggest you take a look at some sites built in Omeka to see how the themes work across the item archives and exhibits to maintain a consistency of design: (

And again, if you are interested in changing any of the styles of specific pages, you will need to edit the CSS file in the theme's directory.

Thank you sheila for your response, most helpful