htaccess files are not in the package

Hi-I'm installing Omeka on my server at Dreamhost. According to your instructions:

Upload the resulting directory to your server (Make sure the '.htaccess' and 'admin/.htaccess' files move along with the directory. Omeka requires these files to be present and unmodified to work properly.)

But there aren't any .htaccess files in the package. Was there supposed to be? Or was I supposed to create one? And do I create my own user and password values for the file?


Nevermind. For some reason these files are not visible up on my desktop, but it appears in my Transmit directory window.

If you're working on a Mac, any files beginning with a "." will be hidden -- you can try to make them viewable, or just assume they're present and go on with the other instructions (since it would be odd for the install package to download without them).

Hi, I have a Mac and I can't see that file in my package, either. I also don't know how to make it visible since there is no option on my hosting service. (BTW, the only reason I want to get access is because I'm getting an "Omeka has encountered an error" message which is leading me to change something in that file. It was working fine until I moved my files to a new domain.)

Your hosting service should have a way to show those files, either through cPanel or whatever interface you are using. If you have FTP access, your FTP client will also have a way for you to show hidden files.

I finally found another folder! It wasn't that they were hidden. Took me forever. I have a question about error messages but I'll find the thread for that. Thanks for the reply, patrickmj