HT access file

I keep getting an error when i try to check the site from the browser that the htaccess file is missing. I found it, overwrote it it to the ftp site into the right locationand it still came up as a "missing file". I deleted the whole Omeka folder and reinstalled, and I still get the error message that it is missing. The one I overwrote is deep into the applications folder.

The web site address is

Hi Carolyn,

I visited your Omeka site, and it appears to be working properly. Have you since fixed this problem? If not -- it sounds like you haven't uploaded the necessary .htaccess files to your server, which ar located in you Omeka folder, as well as the admin folder. These files are critical to Omeka working properly, and sometimes are mistakenly omitted when users transfer (FTP) their files to a server.