Howto show user items on dashboard

How show user items on dashboard?

You must edit admin/themes/default/index.php and add something like:

<?php $panels = array(); ?>
<?php ob_start(); ?>
<h2><?php echo __('My Items'); ?></h2>
set_loop_records('items', get_recent_user_items(current_user()->id));
foreach (loop('items') as $item):
<div class="recent-row">
<p class="recent"><?php echo link_to_item(); ?></p>
<?php if (is_allowed($item, 'edit')): ?>
<p class="dash-edit"><?php echo link_to_item(__('Edit'), array(), 'edit'); ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php if (is_allowed('Items', 'add')): ?>
<div class="add-new-link"><p>"><?php $
<?php endif; ?>
<?php $panels[] = ob_get_clean(); ?>

<?php ob_start(); ?>
<h2><?php echo __('Recent Items'); ?></h2>


also you need to add a new function to application/libraries/globals.php:
function get_recent_user_items($owner_id)
return get_db()->getTable('Item')->findBy(array('sort_field' => 'added', 'sort_dir' => 'd', 'owner_id' => $owner_id));