How to use Mixin_ElementText

I'm trying to add a new record type "individual" and make it automatically add all element texts for searching. However, I can't make it fill all it's elements for searching. It's hard to explain, but when I add texts manually as described in they work as expected (i.e. show up in the table search_texts), but when I add:

$this->_mixins[] = new Mixin_ElementText($this);

to the _initializeMixins() method, nothing happens. I expected that all elements of my record "individual" would be inserted in the table search_texts separated with a single space, just as Item or Collection records works.

Has anyone got it working or do you have any ideas of what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

To get the ElementText mixin to automatically add texts using the Search mixin, you need to make sure the Search mixin is added after the ElementText one:

$this->mixins[] = new Mixin_ElementText($this);
$this->mixins[] = new Mixin_Search($this);

Thanks John!
I noticed that you have to have all the elements in the table element_texts. That was my problem! I'm creating a separate table outside of the Dublin Core set. I added all the elements by hand in the afterSave() function. Now it's working!