How to Sort By Interviewee in item type metadata

Can you help me with sorting by interviewee? I'm sure that Dublin Core does not belong here, maybe it should be meta data but I'm not sure. I would like to simply sort by Interviewee with this link from


line 17 $sortLinks[__('Interviewee')] = 'Dublin Core,Interviewee';

Am I understanding correctly that Interviewee is coming from Item Type Metadata on the item?

If that's right, then all you need is

$sortLinks[__('Interviewee')] = 'Item Type Metadata,Interviewee';

Thank you for the fix and quick repsonse our site goes live tomorrow.

Can I do this?

$sortLinks[__('Interviewee')] = 'Item Type Metadata,Interviewee, A';

Add an A after interviewee to sort A and and then display only A

Not quite. the sortLinks only sort by the metadata element, not apply filters to the results