How to Show all Interviews


I am trying to display all interviews inside

Currently I only see five but I know that they are more. Where inside collections/show.php can I make changes to show all interviews?

Most frequently, this is caused by the items not being made public, so that's the first thing I would check.

These items are both public and featured. When I click on collection I get this abbreviated view:

Items in the Swiss Colony Project
Interview with Alex Lederman
Interview with Ernest Abbuhl
Interview with Delbert Binder
Interview with Hilda Keller
Interview with Jesse Keller

However when I click on Items I get a full listing.

Ah. It looks then like it might be set in the theme. You'll need to modify the collections/show.php file and change this line:

<?php while (loop_items_in_collection(5)): ?>

And instead of '5' put in some sufficiently large number.

I get an error about undefined function loop_items_in_collections

Fatal error: Call to undefined function loop_items_in_collection() in /mnt/sites/ on line 19

Very sorry, I was looking referring to the wrong version of Omeka.

The current way is to first get the fuller list of items, then set them for the loop. Just before the line

<?php foreach (loop('items') as $item): ?>

insert this, and change the 20 to however many items you want.

<?php $items = get_records('Item', array('collection' => $collection->id), 20); ?>
<?php set_loop_records('items', $items); ?>

This works like a charm. Thanks!