How to sequence, numerate and interject files to maintain order


I am new to Omeka and we have a question as to how to numerate, interject and sequence files to maintain a specific order in the collections side of Omeka. We are currently using the first four letters of the artist's name and following, a suffix of 001-100. For example, raph003.jpg for the third image of the Raphael collection. We can name all our files sequentially and I am hoping the Omeka will preserve the order that we name them in. Is this correct? And our second most significant question: there are times that we find additional images to interject into our collection. We thought of the idea of adding an a-z at the end of the file name to preserve the order of the collection. An example of this interjection would be raph003b.jpg for the second image interjected after Raphael image number 3. Will Omeka respect this numeration? Or do you have a better idea how to sequence properly files with the ability to continually interject additional files? Thank you very much for our considerations and response.