How to separate plugins on item page?

I have several plugins installed, but they all show up crowded on the page. I'd like one plugin to show up first. Then the dublincore, and some of the plugins to show up last. Can this be done?

This is potentially possible depending on which plugins you are using. You would need to edit the items/show.php file and remove the plugin hook toward the bottom. You'll then need to add the functions the plugins have to display content. Note not all plugins have said functions.

Thanks for this! What would such a function look like? It would be in the plugin.php file I imagine? How do you insert it into the item/show? When I try get an error about an unexpected } no matter which function I try to put in.

scratch that I got it to work! just needed to add <?php and ?> around the function after pasting into item/show

Great! Glad you got it working.