How to run omeka offline

If I wanted to run omeka offline, what shoud I do? Omeka seems cannot work if there is no internet. I can run/use joomla offline even without any internet connection. I need to make standalone omeka pc dedicated for certain group of people to access the content.

To do so, you will need to set up a virtual machine or a local server on your own computer. That will provide the LAMP environment you need and allow you to develop offline.

This is not something we support, but there are a number of Omeka users who are running Omeka on MAMP, XAMP, and VM ware. Here is an example:

WOmeka will run on MAMP and XAMP, but again,

This probably isn't what the original poster was looking for, but I'd find it helpful to see a HOWTO for running Omeka via MAMP on my laptop (to hack around without waiting for web lag), then mirroring my themes and/or data up to my web host when I'm sure it's right. (I have an odd hunch that it should be possible to do this with Git, but I don't have time to figure out the details myself.)

As I've said, this is something that we don't officially support, so we haven't written a tutorial for running Omeka on a MAMP. Just like with Bruce who wrote up instructions for running Omeka on VM ware, there are others in the community who run Omeka on the MAMP and may offer up notes. We welcome these types of contributions, which is why the codex is a wiki. We can also link out to them if the instructions exists on another site.

Sheila, thanks for the advice.But this morning other things happened. I put it under the forum topic "Unable to resolve plugin "config"; no corresponding plugin with that name" topic. FYI, I havent tried anything for offline.

opps sorry, under the topic "Error on "config" plugin??"