How to replace all squared images

How must I do to replace all squared thumbnails by simple thumbnails, and all squared fullsize images by simple fulsized images?

Is it possible to rebuild all thumbnails after delete derivative images from archive/files/?

Thank you.


To replace the square thumbnails, you can simply replace each instance of item_square_thumbnail() with item_thumbnail() in your theme.

It is not enough, because Omeka always creates squared derivative images ( I would like to have a hack to resize to regular proportions (4 x 3) instead squared thumbnails.

The parameters that get passed to ImageMagick to do the resizing begin at line 138 of that same file. You'll probably need to reference the ImageMagick documentation before changing anything.

I'm not sure what the problem is here. You are correct in saying Omeka always creates square derivative images, but it also creates proportionally smaller derivative images as well. That is why in the archive folder you see one called square_thumbnail and another simply called thumbnail.

Are you saying you would like the normal thumbnails to be of a different proportion?

Hi. I'm currently using an adapted Berlin theme with Omeka 3.1 - and despite my best efforts at replacing squared thumbs with regular-proportioned thumbs, it's no go. I've replaced item_square_thumbnail() with item_thumbnail in the show.php file for the theme, but still I get square thumbs.

I'm sure I'm missing something - any guidance would be much appreciated.

item_thumbnail() is the correct function to get the regular thumbnail, and not the cropped square one. Could you provide some links to where you're having this problem? The thumbnails can show up in a few places. Changing it in items/show.php will only affect the individual items/show pages, and not, say, the homepage or exhibits.

so where exactly does one find item_square_thumbnail() in the theme if i wanted to get rid of all square thumbnails on the site...? I'm using 1.4.2.

Much appreciated,

The files you will need are the items/show.php and items/browse.php files. Most of the themes rely on default scripts that are found in /application/views/scripts. You might need to copy those over to your theme if they are not already there. See Understanding Default Theme Files for more details.