How to publish scan of loose sheets ?

I have to publish the scan of documents writen by people who answered to a song competition in Bretagne (France) in 1930.

Those documents are loose sheets and notebooks and contain (among other texts) lyrics writen in breton and french. Of course, you cannot take into account that one sheet = one song (those people were farmers, doctors, priests not archivists).

The documents were send by post and the senders of each document is clearly identified.

Those sheets are scanned recto and verso (one jpeg file for the recto and an another for the verso).

But I am wondering if an Omeka item = one jpeg file ? Or an item = a sheet (one jpeg file for the recto and an another for the verso) ?

What would "make" the connexion between the sheets ? Do I have to create for example a collection named "Mail send by Mister Dupond Thursday 7 April 1930". How could I order the sheets ?

Are the Omeka collection expressed in Dublin Code ? (Is an Omeka collection of dc:type Collection) ?

As the songs are dispached among the scans of the sheets (written by the same sender or not), is there a way the order the scans according to the lyrics ? Is a song a Collection ?


Omeka items can have more than one file associated with them, so the choice is yours. You can upload multiple files, or you could define relationships using the Item Relations plug-in.

In terms of collections, if you want to represent "songs" as a series of nested or mini collections, you can accomplish this with the Collection Tree plugin

..though depending on the number of items per song, I'd be more apt to build Exhibit Pages for them.

Thank you, but is an Omeka Collection of dc:type collection ( ?

No. DC Types apply to items within Omeka, and a Collection is not handled as an item.