How To MoveSimple Page Videos To Exhibits?

Hello, I'm using Omeka 0.10, and I'm trying to build an exhibit. I've been able to upload videos to my simple pages, but I would like to then place those videos into an exhibit.

Does anyone know how or if I can do this?

Thank you,

Is your video an item in Omeka, or on youtube via an embed code?

It would be possible to create a custom exhibit builder layout that includes video.

The video is a youtube vida an embed code, however we do have original copies of the videos on our computers, but we could not figure out how to upload them to Omeka items.

How would we go about building a custom exhibit builder?

You can embed the YouTube video by editing to your exhibit builder page, clicking on the "HTML" button in the text editor, and adding the embed code there. This should allow the video to show up.

If this doesn't work, let us know and we'll try something else.