How to install both WP and Omeka?

Hello, I am looking to create a site quite similar in organization and function to
Contributions are important, so I'll be using Omeka 1.5 at first; however, it is also important to have a "news" page, which would essentially be a blog.
I've looked for the various mentions on the forum of using Wordpress with Omeka, but did not find any detailed information about installing both together. In this case, it seems to me that the Omeka site should be the main site with the Wordpress site used only for the blog, and thus installed "under" it.
So my question is: if on my server I have the folder where I will install Omeka, for example "/mysite" do I install Wordpress into this folder as well, or into yet another subfolder like "/mysite/blog". And then is it really just a matter of links and trying to make the CSS as identical as possible so that the user doesn't feel like they are going to another site, and that the menu options on each "page" remain the same ad redirect properly?

Alternatively, would it make any sense (or be easier) to make the blog posts a type of item in the archive that are labeled as a specific collection, and then create an exhibit page that is the blog page? (I have not actually used Omeka yet, so I am not sure if I have the terminology correct for what I mean, but hopefully you get the gist of it).

Finally - what problems are there with using 1and1 as the hosting service? I already have a plan with them for another site, and would like to get my money's worth by using more of the space I am paying for.

In general, I think we see more/easier success in having WP and Omeka in sibling directories, rather than making one in a subfolder to the other. The details of .htaccess and redirecting seem to be easier that way.

If you want to try to do everything in Omeka, blog posts might more likely be Simple Pages. Omeka isn't a blogging platform, though, so things like automatic navigation to older posts wouldn't really be there.

I'm not familiar with 1and1, either positive or negative reviews.

Thanks for the response, Patrick.
So I would have two folders under the main site folder - one with Omeka and one with WP? But otherwise with the CSS and links do I have the basic idea?

Regarding 1and1, I saw on this page
that is says users have had difficulty, and I wondered what exactly that meant.

Yep, two folders under main one.

And as you say, figure out the styling to get them as close to each other as possible.

I don't know how fresh that info about 1and1 hosting is, nor what the specific difficulties were