How to get specific fields from Dublin Core (using all_element_texts)


I'm trying to exhibit only some Dublin Core fields from my element but i didn't get...

I trying to use all_element_texts, like this:

echo all_element_texts('item',array(
'return_type' => 'html',
'show_element_sets' => array('Dublin Core' => array ('Title'))

But didn't work.

Is it possible to filter the Dublin Core fields?

Omeka provides filters to change what elements are displayed, but they're generally meant to be used in plugins.

There's an existing Hide Elements plugin that handles that filtering for you, and lets you just de-select any elements you don't want to show.

Thank you John,

but i would like to de-select some items that will appear in a plugin view (Neatline), and, i would like to manipulate on code what i can show.

Your best bet then may be to just make an array of the elements you do want to display, and loop over that, calling to metadata() to print the elements.

Hum, I undersantd

Thank you for help!