how to delete excel downloads that don't work

Omeka is not downloading correctly. It stays at the in progress stage, says it's done, does not show the download icon, and I can't do any other downloads. Any suggestions? We have many images on the omeka site.
Thank you!

What version of Omeka are you using?

Is it possible to send us a link to your archive to test it out?

Which types of files does this problem affect?

we are using version 1.0
my link is
We have created a collection for a museum exhibit & I need to download entries by sbuject to excel.

I did a search by subject & then clicked on the excel download. The download froze during the in progress stage. I tried several time to do the excel download & it always stopped at the in progress stage. I wonder if the first downnload was corrupt and if that prevents the following downloads to work properly. I previous downloads I have encountered dup entries & I thought that was because I refreshed as mentioned in the instructions. I'm a mac user.


can you make a couple if items public so I can test it?

i'm a mac user too :>

How do I do that?

In the admin, goto the items page. Click the checkboxes for the items you want to make public. When you are logged in as admin, you can see all of the items on the public side of your site, but other people cannot. To let the public see your items, you must make your items public.

I hope that helps.