How to adjust HTML5 Media Player size


I'm using Omeka 2.0.1 (Seasons Autumn Theme) and the player is too wide can you help me understand how to change the width and css settings for the player itself. I looked at the config-form.php file and I made adjustments to the column width but this did not help. I would like for the player to fit within the confines of the #content area. Thanks.

You should be able to change the video size by clicking Configure for the HTML5 Media plugin. You can set the width and height in there.

I am sorry for not clarifying but I was referring to the audio version of the player. I was able to see the size deep inside a .js file. I will continue to tweak to my liking. Thanks for the speedy response.

Hello Andre,
did you find any solution? I'm facing the same issue.

fcl, I addressed this in your other thread, so I'm closing this one.