How to Add Images that are Not Part of Archive?

Is there a way to upload content to an Omeka site like Staff Photos or logos for an archive's partners without marking the images items in the actual archive? The project I'm working on is trying to find a work-around: any help would be appreciated!

If you're writing your own theme or customizing one, including these kinds of images in the theme is often the best way to go.

Thanks for the quick response! We're pretty sure that we're going to be changing the theme at some point in the future, so we are trying to avoid having to change links to all of those photos when we do make that move. Is there a potential solution that would let us create a folder of photos independent of the theme?

Our worst-case scenario is that we end up just adding the photos to the archive: we have a pretty big collection right now, so they won't be images that people will be tripping over. Just wanted to see if there was anything we could do besides that.

(And by "we" I mean the "Our Marathon: Boston Bombing Digital Archive" project) :)


A quick way to change the URLs easily is to use the PLUGIN_THEME_DIR constant to build another constant for the path to the files using the current theme, then switching that later. So, if you currently use the default theme, for image urls you could do this to build image URLs

define('BOSTON_IMAGES_PATH', PLUBLIC_THEME_DIR . '/default/images');

$image1Url = BOSTON_IMAGES_PATH . '/image1.png';

When you switch themes, just change how you define that constant:

define('BOSTON_IMAGES_PATH', PLUBLIC_THEME_DIR . '/new-theme/images');

Thanks guys! We ended up creating a folder in the server that contained those particular photos.