How many installations of Omeka?

I'm here at NYU teaching future archivists & public historians about all things digital. Several students are doing independent projects -- small collections & exhibits.

Do you think I should give each of these students their own installation of Omeka, tied to their own separate MySQL databases, or should I just have one installation of Omeka and encourage them to build their own collections / exhibits? I'd kind of like them all to have the experience of administering Omeka, but that could run into a lot of installations. Also, they do tend to want their own *site* for each project, which would be easier to handle with multiple installations.

Hi Amanda,

I'd recommend creating separate installs and sharing a database among the sites if that's easier for you to maintain. In Omeka's db.ini file you can set a table prefix for your install, and easily change this for each new installation. By default the table prefix is "omeka_", so your table prefix could be changed to be "lastname_" -- allowing you to create many installs on the same database.


I don't mind multiple databases, actually; I made sure that the host allows unlimited databases, and we'll wipe these when the students leave. Thanks!