How do I make the default search box search all fields?

The default simple search clearly does not search all of my Dublin Core fields. For example, "creator". To find all the items by a particular creator I must specify that field in advanced search. But the way I want the default search to work is to search EVERYTHING. How do I do this?

Can you give an example of the kind of search that's not working and a result you'd have expected to get?

The "simple" search is designed to search all the fields. The difference between it and the "advanced search" is that the simple search uses MySQL's "full text" search, which matches differently and has many more restrictions on things like minimum word length and stopwords.

Sure thing. Go here:

Search on "Coni" and you will get nothing. Go to Advanced search, select "Creator" and search "Coni" and you get what you should.

Ah, here we're hitting another "fun" snag of the MySQL fulltext search system.

Any word that appears in more than 50% of the records gets ignored. I assume the majority of your records have that same Creator?

This restriction comes from MySQL and we don't really have control over it, unfortunately. What you can do is click the "plus" next to the search button and choose the boolean search. Boolean-mode searches don't apply that 50% threshold, but also don't provide the automatic relevance sorting that keyword searches do.

Crap. Yeah, that must be it. I'm going to add more items soon, but that will then just make those items oddly unfindable due to the same "feature". *headdesk*