how do i find root of omeka installation?

I need to 'open the .htaccess file in the root of your Omeka installation' so I can enable error messaging but i do not know how to find the root of my omeka installation. Can anyone help?

The root is just the directory where you installed Omeka. You will see readme.txt, license.txt, and db.ini there, among other files and directories.

ok, but how do i find the .htaccess file? is it in a specific folder?

The .htaccess file is directly in that folder Patrick mentioned. It's in the same folder that has readme.txt, license.txt and db.ini.

Depending on how you are viewing the directory (command line, CPanel, some file browser on your computer), hidden files -- ones that begin with . -- might not be displayed. Might need to find a "show hidden files" setting