how do i change the image size on the items/show page?

how do i change the image size on the items/show page?

example -

I'd like to make the image smaller.

Follow the instructions for the Appearance Settings to change the default sizes for the thumbnails, square thumbnails, or fullsize images:

And to resize the images that have already been uploaded, you can install the Derivative Images plugin

Neither solution is getting it done. The images on my items/show page are not changing and if anything, the way the item is presented is warped and outsized compared to the original. Here's an example


What else would you suggest?

What you have on the link you shared is not a warped image, but a cropped one. It's the square thumbnail size, so it crops the long dimension to be equal to the short one.

What it sounds like you want to do instead of changing the size of the image, or in addition to it, is change the type of the image to fullsize or thumbnail.

Something like array('imageSize' => 'thumbnail') in the second argument to file_markup in your theme should do it. (This is on the items/show.php view, copy that out of application/views/scripts into your theme if it doesn't already exist.)

I am trying to do the same thing but I am not sure where to put this:
array('imageSize' => 'thumbnail') in the second argument to file_markup
in my theme I don't have items/show.php and I also don't have it application/views/scripts

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

If it's not in your theme (somewhat common), then it has to be in application/views/scripts, or else your site wouldn't be working.

I'd also like to switch the type of the item view image to fullsize - but file_markup doesn't exist in mytheme/item/show.php. Am I looking in the wrong file?

For the record, the file_markup solution didn't work for me. In my theme, which is a subtheme of Berlin, I ended up being able to change the image size just by editing one of the img tag rules in style.css. So there are at least 2 different ways to do it.