How can I set Imagemagick location after doing install


I have a sandbox installation of Omeka on an Windows XP machine using Xampp as a server. Everything I need seems to be working fine (in IE) except for image uploading and resizing. I didn't have ImageMagick installed when I installed Omeka. It's installed and working now. Is there a way I can set the path to ImageMagick without reinstalling Omeka?

Thank you!

I found the admin/settings form to enter the location of Imagemagick, but it still doesn't work on my Windows XP installation running on XAMPP. I've tried entering the location with backward slashes, forward slashes, with "C:" and without. Everything else that I've tried works fine. Imagemagick is in the Windows path.

We don't support Omeka running Windows or have any Windows servers ourselves, but here's a thread that contains some helpful info on installing on windows:

One very helpful bit from this thread is that ImageMagick's return code is different on windows than on linux, and briguy.brn from that thread seems to have come up with a working solution. It'd be a bit different to implement with 1.0 than on 0.10, so let us know what version of Omeka you are using and we may be able to help you a bit more.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have implemented briguy.brn's modifications. They helped but I am still getting the ImageMagick configuration problem. I am using 0.10.