Hosting for New Site

First, I am ecstatic to discover Omeka. Thank you for making this software available to all.

Does anyone have hosting suggestions? Here are my considerations:

1) My original scans are about 2.5G. They contain about 2,500 notebook-size pages of handwritten notes.
2) I would like to get a site up for the images soon.
3) I would like to integrate Scripto later to enable collaborative transcription of the images.
4) I have past but not recent experience building LAMP servers and installing a variety of LAMP web apps, but I don't like to re-invent the wheel if it's unnecessary.
5) This is a personal project, and I don't want to spend a fortune. Shared hosting is fine.

Given these considerations, can anyone recommend a good web host.

I currently am using bluehost and get a discount as a student along with a free subdomain on, you should check it out! They also have cheap vps if you call em up.

People have had success with BlueHost and DreamHost. ReclaimHosting is another new and popular hosting company.

BlueHost and DreamHost are good for hosting. (y)