Hosted Omeka version and adding timelines, videos, audo

Hi -- I'm an Omeka novice; I've looked at posts about my questions, but haven't exactly found the answers.

So, here goes. I'm using the hosted version of Omeka from home. I'm interested in putting a Simile timeline somewhere in my site, but the directions from the Omeka forum mention entering code somewhere, and it's not apparent to me where.

I also don't see exactly where the plug-in is for me to download -- it doesn't appear to be one of the nine that come with the hosted version, and I didn't find it on the Scholars' site.

I also am not sure if it's possible to embed a clip from YouTube in an exhibit on my site without downloading a huge video file to my computer ... What kind of item would it need to be? Is it possible to do this?

I also wonder re: creating an item that's a website. I did this, and while I see the URL, it doesn't show up as a live link; instead, it's just a URL that I can copy and paste into my browser. Seems like there must be a better way.

Sorry for all these questions -- is there anyone who can offer some guidance to a newbie (who, sadly, also doesn't know code)?

Thank you so much for any help!


Hi Sue,

There are some differences between the downloadable version of Omeka that you host on your own server and the version that you sign up for with an account on

There is a little chart that compares the versions on the About page:

When you sign up for a hosted version, you don't have to worry about getting a server, but you also don't have access to the program's files. That means that you are not able to download and install any plugin that is available in the plugin directory. You are limited to the plugins available to you in the plan you chose.

The timeline is one of those plugins that is not available to users.

Unfortunately, embedding You Tube videos or other
web multimedia objects is not currently possible in an Omeka.Net exhibit or in the item metadata fields:

The only way to have a video is to upload the file as an item (a moving image).

There is a separate Help section for,
In addition to going directly to that section of the website, it should be accessible as a link at the bottom of each page when you are logged in and working in your site's administrative side: (

Good luck with your project!