Home page not displaying featured items

We are using the default theme and have 3 items set to be featured items. In the theme configuration, we have the checkboxes checked for Display Featured Item, Display Featured Collection and Display Featured Exhibit, but none of the featured items are displaying. Two of the three featured items are set as Public and the other is not. I also have the Homepage Text on the theme configuration set to the phrase "This is the Homepage Text" and this doesn't appear on the homepage. Any idea what might cause this? I'm worried that my install may have been corrupted because in earlier posts, we discovered that the install was missing about 5 .js files from the application/views/scripts/javascripts directory. Is there anything short of a corrupted install that might cause the symptoms mentioned? I'm using version 1.5.3. Can I untar a new 1.5.3 tar file over what I currently have and have it not destroy my site? Thanks in advance.

That should be safe. Just make sure that you haveu a backup of the 'archive' directory, and copies of db.ini, and of .htaccess and application/config/config.ini if you have changed those.

Or, if you don't want to take such a drastic step, you might try just copying the default theme from the zip over what's on the server.

I went out and got a new zip file for 1.5.3 and expanded it into a new folder tree. It did have some files in it this time that we missing from the javascripts folder the last time. I did a cp -an of all the files from this expanded folder into my current folder for the site. The -n does a no-clobber so I wouldn't overwrite any existing files such as db.ini, etc. I'm still seeing the same problem where featured items are not displaying on the homepage.

We have the same problem as well... Featured items not displaying in the homepage...

And change you have installed the Exhibit Builder plugin and checked the box that makes the exhibits browse page the home page? If you do that, all you'll get is exhibits and no featured content.

Uncheck the box and you'll be all set.

Our index.php was modified. So I copied the default one to my theme and it worked.

But we don't want to show the recently added items on the index page and we only want to have to featured items. Si I disabled the recently added items but I'm still have the featured items in a small grey rectangle. I want the featured items in the main layer in replacement of the recently added items. What do I need to change?

We do have exhibit builder installed and I checked the box that you were talking about. When checked, it displays the exhibits as you said. When unchecked, I don't get featured content even thought the boxes are all checked to have it displayed in the theme. I switched themes and went back to the default and it still doesn't display the featured content.

I want to verify .. is the theme in the default folder the Thanks, Roy theme? I'm adding debug code to index.php in the default theme directory and I'm not seeing my text displayed on the public page??

Yes, default is Thanks, Roy.

Our development server was the server that was displaying the problem of featured items and exhibits not displaying on the home page. It had about 84 items in it. The productions version didn't seem to exhibit this same problem. I added an item to it and made it featured and it displayed on the home page. It was time to move our development data into production to prepare to go live. I performed the steps at http://omeka.org/codex/Moving_to_Another_Server for versions 1.5 and under and after doing that, our production environment has the same problem where featured items and exhibits don't display on the home page. I then tried deleting the whole omeka tree and copied the tree from a production backup I made before bringing over the development data. The database was still the database from development. The items seemed to display, but the same problem was there of featured items not displaying. I was hoping I could get featured items to display by doing this. Since it didn't work, I then once again brought over the files from development according to the instructions. Any ideas? I'd like to find a way to see if the index.php from the default theme is even executing and put debugging into the different branches to see if the proper branches are being taken, but I'm not a PHP programmer.