Historic Person Site

Am testing using Omeka to build a site for a Virginia politician of the Federal period who was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1788, the Virginia Constitutional Convention, the Virginia General Assembly and the US House of Representatives.

Working out how to integrate research processes with Zotero with Omeka. Working out how information would be best organized and like the flexibility that Omeka provides in helping me to think through that and try different approaches. Like the CSV import function as that reduces the effort to populate the site w/Dublin Core after spending the day in the library and collecting entries on a spreadsheet. [Would prefer to do this from Zotero entries, but one step at a time.]

Thanks for this wonderful product.

Bill Cole


We have a Zotero Import plugin that might also suit your needs.

Thanks much for this. By the description on the plugin's webpage, it sounds like just what I need. I'm using Omeka's server and storage and, as the Zotero plug-in doesn't show under the Plugins tab for the Manage Site dialog, I was wondering if you all have instructions for accessing this plugin from your server?

Thanks again,

Bill Cole