Hiring Omeka Web Developer for Race & Athletics project

As part of a community partnership grant the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the University of Windsor is seeking to hire a web developer familiar with Omeka to help us build 2 related sites on the topic of race, athletics and community in Southwestern Ontario in the early 20th century.

The contents of the exhibits will contain images, audio recordings of forthcoming oral histories, neatline maps, timelines and possibly other elements. We may be using the OHMS tool for the oral history components http://www.oralhistoryonline.org/.

There is some local familiarity with OMEKA and some draft development. However With the grant we are looking to find person(s) who will have more time to focus on these sites.

http://cdigs.uwindsor.ca/harding/ (one demo)

For more details and information please contact Dave Johnston (djohnst@uwindsor.ca) AND Heidi Jacobs (hjacobs@uwindsor.ca).