Hide some Dublin Core information to public on item page?


I'm new to Omeka and still trying to learn my way around, I wasn't sure where to put this so if it's in the wrong forum please let me know :)

Using Berlin I was wondering if there was a way to hide some of the Dublin Core information for the public view of an item from the admin side? Or would the best way to be to alter the actual code?

Additionally, along the same vein, on the public view of the collection pages is there a setting to hide the actual text that says
"Dublin Core
____ Collection"?

That part seems redundant as the collection name is already above all the in large font.

Any input on hiding these sections/fields would be greatly appreciated!

Please let me know if there other information I should provide

It sounds like the Hide Elements plugin will get at your first question. It might also do the trick for the second question by hiding the Title, but that would apply to both Items and Collections.