Hide Empty Collectors Field

Is there a way to hide the Collectors field on the collections-show page if there are NO Collectors?

I've found code for suppressing empty DC elements, but not for Collection-level metadata.

Did you try deleting or commenting out the section about Collectors?

<div id="collectors" class="element">
        <div class="element-text">
  • <?php echo collection('Collectors', array('delimiter'=>'
  • ')); ?>
</div> </div><!-- end collectors -->

That was for collections/show.php

Thanks for the tip. I added an IF statement (taken from the collections/browse.php) so that the Collectors only appear when there is one.

<div id="collectors" class="element">
 <?php if(collection_has_collectors()): ?>
        <div class="element-text">
                <li><?php echo collection('Collectors', array('delimiter'=>'</li><li>')); ?></li>
<?php endif; ?>
    </div><!-- end collectors -->