hide dublin core fields in public site

Hello, I'm a new omeka user and don't have any programming experience. I am working on a database for a student-teachers' library, specifically for "hands on" items.
I'm wondering how to hide selected dublin core fields in the public site, while still maintaining the information on the admin side. I can tell that fields with no information are hidden, but can you decide to hide others?

The site is here:


Thanks for your help!


In the admin side of your site, you should be able to set the dublin core fields that you wish to display.

You'll click on settings and then click themes. Then on your current theme there usually is a "Configure" button, which will allow you to choose which dublin core fields to display on the public site.

Great, thanks Andy! I've just realized that, because I use zotero to import my items, there are additional fields that are displaying in their own section below the dublin core fields. Any ideas on how to limit the display of those as well?

does anyone have any suggestions on how to limit the display of zotero fields (in a similar way to how you can limit the display of dublin core fields)?


Hi, Andy, I'd like to hide a DC field, but don't see the "Configure" button you're referring to on our Themes page under Settings. Any advice? I think we're using a custom theme -- could that be the reason? Thanks!

I'm using a custom theme as well, and had a similar question a year ago for the Omeka team. See:


So basically I just looked at one of the stock Omeka themes for the config.ini file. Then I copied the necessary code to my custom themes' config.ini files.

Currently this is what I have in my theme's config.ini file:


display_dublin_core_fields.type = "textarea"
display_dublin_core_fields.options.label = "Display Dublin Core Fields"
display_dublin_core_fields.options.description = "List the fields from Dublin Core you would like to display, in the order you would like to display them, on the items/show page, separated by a comma. Example 'Description, Subject, Creator'. If blank, all available fields will be displayed."
display_dublin_core_fields.options.rows = "5"

And that allows me to set which dublin core fields to display from the admin.

Thanks a lot, Andy! Appreciate the quick reply. Will definitely try this out.

See this plugin by John Flatness to do it the easy way! hide elements